Realistic virtual instrument

Looking for the simple, realistic, high-quality drums to start your music production?

Michael's Drums is an acoustic drum library for the KONTAKT 5 platform. With 22 articulations, 8 velocity layers, 4 round robin and over 1500 samples, this library gives you realistic high-quality drum sound for your tracks! The powerful Sonor Select Force drum kit recorded in a small room provides a vintage, raw, sharp, dirty sound...

Download Michael's Drums Free (307mb)


The Michael's Drums virtual instrument is designed to be fast and efficient even on low-end computers! Works with a balanced depth of samples so that it sounds as realistic as possible, while not burdening computer memory unnecessarily.

NOTE: Requires full version of Kontakt 5.5 or higher.

Listen to the demo tracks

Download Michael's Drums Free (307mb)


Powerful drum kit

Powerful Sonor Select Force kit recorded in great sounding small room, located in Hroznova Lhota, Czech Republic. Over 1500 samples!

Realistic sound

With 8 velocity layers and 4 alternative hits in each velocity layer, Michael's Drums provides realistic drum sound for your music production.

Sharp and dirty

Vintage, raw, sharp, dirty, dry, uncompromising, bright, aggressive, powerful, spicy and tight! That's how it sounds!

High performance

The Michael's Drums virtual instrument is designed to be fast and efficient even on low end PC's!

Virtual mixing console

Michael's Drums also provides full-featured virtual mixing console including EQ, compressor, transient and tape saturator.

Made with passion

I love music! I love instruments! And I totally enjoyed the proces of creating this product! I put the best of myself into this product.

Intuitive user interface

The user interface of the instrument is very simple and intuitive. The individual controls are clearly arranged. Thanks to this, the workflow is very fast and simple so anyone can create realistic drum tracks.

Download Michael's Drums Free (307mb)

Experimental microphone positions

The Michael's Drums was recorded in a small room covered by a lot of carpets, blankets and acoustic panels to get tight, vintage, raw sound. I also used non-traditional mic settings - two mics in front of the drums. The first mic (Front MONO) is below and captures dense frequencies. The other one (Front STEREO) is above the cymbals and captures the high frequencies. This combination gives you better control over frequency balancing. The ratios of individual instruments in both microphones can be adjusted individually.


Drum kit Sonor Select Force
Sound quality 44.1 kHz / 24 bit
Articulations 22
Round robin 4
Velocity layers 8
Compatibility Kontakt 5.5 or higher (requires a full version of the Kontakt)
Samples 1511
Filesize 378 mb (download only)
Version 1.1
Documentation Download User Manual (English)
Download Michael's Drums Free (307mb)