Ultimate Music Pack

What is Ultimate Music Pack?

The Ultimate Music Pack is a complete collection of all tracks that are available on this site and much more! But why to spend money on something that is actually free? Well, behind each piece stands a real person - me. I love making music so much and I like that this site works. However, creating music takes me a time. I would like to continue with that, but this is possible only with your support.

By purchasing this package, you invest in a constantly expanding collection of free songs that can help you and many other people in the future! And you will also get BONUS content. Thank you for all your donations!

Why to buy Ultimate Music Pack?

High Quality

Ultimate Music Pack includes all free music tracks in 2304kbps HIGH QUALITY WAVE files! Over 56 pieces in 3.3 Gb ZIP!

Bonus Tracks

At this moment, 9 exclusive premium tracks are included in the package. And more will come soon!


Do you need a longer or shorter length? Each track is available in two or more alternative variations. Over 96 WAV files!

No Atribution Required

If for some reason you do not want or can not provide the source in your credits, this can be a solution.

Free Updates

The entire file is updated and contains the latest tracks. Including premium, never-published songs!

And also...

Your support helps me keep this site running and share free music with people and their projects.

What is included